About our classes

All classes are one to one (one student one teacher). Each lesson is 50 minutes long.

Group Classes available on request.

Not everyone learns the same way, so our lessons aren't the same for everyone.
We have mountains of lesson plans for all learners and all types of people!

ESL Textbooks

We have huge amounts of English text books, for all levels of students and all ages.

Fun and games

Board Games, Video Quizzes, Conversation Games, Funny topics and more.. for all ages!

Interactive tools

We use a variety of interactive tools to help with things like writing practice and more.

and much much more..

Our lessons are online, thus we have the whole internet of things to access for anything we need.

We make use of Skype's "screen share" option to present all the lesson material to our students, This way we're able to teach in a classroom style but with much more to offer.